About Us

  Located conveniently off of I-271 near the intersection of Richmond and Emery Roads, Celebrity School of Music is the fastest-growing music school primarily serving the east side of Cleveland, but drawing students and instructors from all over Northeast Ohio. With lessons taught by instructors who have all obtained at least a Bachelor's degree and are actively performing, bi-yearly recitals in locations with superb acoustics, and studios of exceptional quality in their ample space and top-notch pianos, Celebrity School of Music is the premier affordable place of learning for your budding musician.

   Celebrity School of Music draws its teachers from a select group of local, talented, performing musicians, including those who attend or have attended the renowned Cleveland Institute of Music. These instructors come recommended by well-respected local collegiate music professors and even members of the Cleveland Orchestra. Those who are still students regularly give recitals and participate in the student orchestras at their schools. Teaching allows instructors to "stay in shape" to hone their craft while bringing the joy of music into the lives of their students. The teachers know everyone is different and learns differently, so each lesson must be tailored to that particular student, on that particular day, at that particular time. It is a fun challenge for teachers to figure out how to take the techniques they have learned from their highly esteemed collegiate instructors and communicate them to their beginning students. Teaching opens instructors' minds while students’ minds are opened in the process, as well.

   Students at the Celebrity School of Music also receive the exciting opportunity to perform in a professional recital hall. Performance opportunities are great ways for students to make a goal and work toward it. This also builds a good rapport with teachers as students are helped and encouraged to practice regularly and dive deeply into the layers of the music. Students build confidence and develop their creativity and social skills as a result of performing in recitals.

   With highly recommended and exceptionally trained instructors, performing opportunities, and unique partnerships within the community, the Celebrity School of Music is worth far more than its asking price for lessons. Lessons begin at $30 per half-hour, then are priced at $45 for 45 minutes and $60 for an hour. These prices are highly competitive with other area music schools all over Northeast Ohio, especially on the east side of Cleveland. Celebrity School of Music also offers one FREE trial lesson for prospective students. We welcome the opportunity for you to come to our studio, meet our talented faculty, and begin the process of learning music. A relationship with music lasts a lifetime.