Welcome to the Celebrity School of Music!

   Few things in life are as rewarding as music lessons. Whether it is a child just starting, or an adult following a long-held dream... the magic of music is a universal language that everyone can learn. 

   At the Celebrity School of Music, we feel so strongly about this fact that our first lesson is free and at no obligation. The Celebrity School teaches music of every type. Voice, band, piano, guitar, and more are all part of the repertoire whether you long to be the next Idol or a classically trained musician. Also, remember music isn't just for the young. The Celebrity School works with students of all ages and at all levels of ability.

  When people of all ages sign up for music lessons, little do they know that they are about to learn much more than just how to play an instrument or use their voice! There are numerous benefits to learning music besides basic enjoyment. Lessons teach discipline, boost confidence, and encourage goal-setting, all while being a creative outlet.

  Parents find that music lessons not only improve their children's memorization and motor skills but strongly contribute to the building of their child's self-confidence through goal setting and discipline. Children discover they can succeed not only in music, but in school, sports, and social situations. Lessons are most gratifying for both children and adults when a musical milestone is reached; whether that is learning a new song, memorizing text, finally nailing that trill, or performing in front of others.

  Young adults come to lessons for a creative outlet and something to help them recover from a long day. Many will pick up an instrument for the first time since high school or college to regain their skills, while some simply want to learn something brand-new.

   Older adults find that music lessons are a great way to stay mentally active as learning fingerings on a guitar and scale patterns on a piano exercise the logical side of the brain. Studies have proven the therapeutic benefits of music, and such exercises keep the mind sharp while also preventing the onset of age-related health problems such as Alzheimer’s disease.

   Music lessons are the beginning steps of a performance or teaching career for many, while the discipline of lessons creates good habits in others. And the reward of successful performance in public is a gratifying form of self-expression for everyone. Regardless of age, music lessons are a fun and exciting way to learn something new or continue something old.